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Strictly Kosher Facility

The Jewish Community Center of Paramus / Congregation Beth Tikvah is a strictly Kosher facility. We are committed to maintaining a very high standard of kashrut throughout our facility. This standard applies to our kitchen, as well as any prepared food, that is brought into our building, for use at an event or function.

Food Preparation Restrictions on Shabbat and Holidays

Since we adhere to a strictly Kosher standard for our facility, food is not cooked or transported in or out of our building during Shabbat or Yom Tov Holidays.

Food Preparation Supervision

Food prepared in the JCCP/CBT kitchen, at any time, is always under the supervision of a Mashgiach, or authorized supervisor.

Kosher Symbols or Hechshers

Packaged foods, brought into the facility, must have a Kosher symbol, or Hechsher, from a JCCP/CBT approved Kashrut Supervising Authority.


All Caterers, permitted for use in the JCCP/CBT facility, must be strictly Kosher, have Kosher supervision from an approved Kashrut Supervising Authority, and be approved for use by our Rabbi.

Additional Information

For More Information

Please contact Rita Greenberg, the JCCP/CBT Executive Director for more information. (201) 262-7691, ext. 206, or by email at office@jccparamus.org