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Listed below are just some of the many awards received by the JCCP/CBT and its staff

Hagalil Regional Awards for the JCCP/CBT USY Chapter

  • The Winter Membership Competition
  • The Religious and Education Award for Best Holiday Program for our Chanukah Celebration
  • The Religious and Education Award for Best Shabat Program for our Shabat Afternoon Get Together
  • The Tikun Olam Award for Best TIkun Olam Program for our Family
  • Fun Film Festival
  • The Tikun Olam Award for Best Tikun Olam Donation for our Mezuzah Tax

Cantor’s Assembly Convention

  • Samuel Rosenbaum Award for Scholarship and Creativity awarded to Cantor Sam Weiss, Cantor of the JCCP/CBT

United Synagogue Norman Glikin Synagogues of Excellence Awards

  • Programs on Behalf of Youth
  • Commitment and Observance
  • Worship & Ritual
  • Adult Education
  • Fund Raising
  • Mercaz Israel Affairs & Aliyah
  • Youth Education

United Synagogue Solomon Schecter Awards for Excellence

  • Social Action
  • Worship and Ritual
  • Social Action
  • Membership
  • Bulletin
  • Fund Raising