Daily Minyan

Shacharit Every Morning
Shacharit, or Morning Service, is performed every morning at the JCCP/CBT , all year long, including on National Holidays. Torah readings are performed every Monday, Thursday, Rosh Chodesh, and on specific holidays.
Mincha on Shabbat and Holidays
Mincha, or Afternoon Service, is performed at the JCCP/CBT on Shabbat afternoons and on Religious Holidays. Torah readings are often performed.
Ma’ariv Every Evening
Ma'ariv, or Evening Service, is performed every evening at the JCCP/CBT , all year long, including the summer months, and on National Holidays.
Kaddish and Yartzeit
The ability to say Kaddish and observe a Yartzeit, for a familiy member or loved one, is usually not a problem at the JCCP/CBT . We almost always have a minyan at either of our daily morning or evening services. Visitors are always welcome.
Shiva Minyan
At the JCCP/CBT , we are committed to making sure that every JCCP/CBT member in mourning has the opportunity to have a Shiva Minyan in their home, if this is their desire.
Bar Mitzvahs at Shacharit Services
It is a long-standing tradition at the JCCP/CBT to honor an upcoming Bar Mitzvah with his first Aliyah at the Thursday morning Shacharit service.
Tallit and Tefillin
Following the Mitzvah of Tefillin, men at the JCCP/CBT usually wear Tallit and Tefillin at morning Shacharit services, but it is not required.
    Service Schedules  
Please check our Service Schedules for up-to-date service dates and times.
Visitors Are Always Welcome

We welcome everyone from the Jewish Community to attend any of our services at the JCCP/CBT .

For More Information
Please contact Norman Levin, the JCCP/CBT Executive Director, for more information.
(201) 262-7691 - Ext. 200

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