Worship at the JCCP/CBT

  Traditional Conservative Services  
The JCCP/CBT uses a Sim Shalom Siddur, along with a JCCP/CBT developed fully transliterated companion Siddur with modern interpretations. Services are comprehensive, including full Torah readings.
    Egalitarian and Non-Egalitarian Shabbat Services  
On Shabbat we offer two Shabbat morning services, one in a Traditional Egalitarian format, and the other in a Traditional Non-Egalitarian format. Both services start at the same time, in separate rooms in our facility, and end together with one common kiddish luncheon.
    Complete Torah Readings  
On every Shabbat and Holiday, the appropriate Torah sections are read in their entirety by clergy or qualified congregants. Guests and congregants receive aliyot, honors, during each Torah reading.
    Encourage Participation  
We encouraging everyone to participate and feel comfortable with each of our religious services. For individuals needing extra help with a service, we have
  • A transliterated Siddur supplement,
  • Assistance from skilled regulars,
  • Available instruction from our professional staff, and a
  • Guide to Synagogue Participation.
    Services Every Day  
We are proud to offer religious services 365 days a year. Services are held every morning and evening, on every Shabbat, and on all Holidays.
    Family Services  
Our family services get the youngest children of our congregation involved in the joys of Kabbalat Shabbat.
    A Place For All Our Young People    
Whether our young people attend Tot Shabbat, Junior Congregation, Teen Services, play in our Nursery Day Care, or attend our adult services with their parents, there is always a place for all our young people at the JCCP/CBT .
    Visitors Are Always Welcome  
We welcome everyone from the Jewish Community to attend any of our services at the JCCP/CBT .
    For More Information  
Please contact Norman Levin, the JCCP/CBT Executive Director, for more information.
(201) 262-7691 - Ext. 200

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