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Rosh HaShanah
Jewish New Year
Tishrei 1 - 2
September 5 - 6, 2013
"L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu" - May you be inscribed (in the Book of Life) for a good year.
Yom Kippur
Day of Atonement
Tishrei 10
September 14, 2013
"Gmar Chatimah Tova" - A good final sealing: May you be sealed (in the Book of Life) for Good
Commemorates the 40 years of wandering in the desert after the Exodus from ancient Egypt.
Tishrei 15 - 21
September 19 - 25, 2013
"Chag Sukkot Same'ach" - Happy Holiday of Sukkot
Shemini Atzeret
Shemini Atzeret, meaning "the eighth day of assembly", marks the beginning of the rainy season following the harvest in Israel.
Tishrei 22
September 26, 2013
Simhat Torah
"Rejoicing with/of the Torah" is a celebration marking the conclusion of the annual cycle of Torah readings, and the beginning of a new cycle.
Tishrei 22
September 27, 2013
  Rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem
Kislev 25 - Tevet 3
  Tu Bishvat
  New Year for Trees
Shevat 15
  Commemorates the annulment of a decree against the Jewish people
Adar 14
  Commemorates the Exodus of the people of Israel from ancient Egypt
Nisan 15
  Yom HaSho'ah
  Holocaust Memorial Day
Nisan 27
  Yom HaAtzma'ut
  Israel Independence Day
Iyar 5
  Lag B'Omer
  33rd day of the Omer
Iyar 18
  Commemorates the giving of the Torah and the Ten Commandments
Sivan 6
  Tisha B'Av
  Commemorates the destruction of the first and second Temples
Av 9
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